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In the middle of the night, I wake up suddenly, I dream of something very bad in my life. I took a glass of water to calm my heart at that time, trying to relax as if nothing had happened in the dream.

A few hours later I did not sleep well and got out of bed to watch television with a skit, so that I would be more entertained at that time. I tried to do good in the dream, the night was getting late, my eyes turned red, as if the dream kept haunting me.

After watching several programs on television, I was fast asleep in the living room, morning arrived, I woke up with my fear. At that time my body was not very enthusiastic, I also did some routine activities outside the house so that all the burdens on my mind would disappear.

After the afternoon I consulted a medical doctor, to find out my body's health, why I had a bad dream at that time. After I heard several explanations from the medical doctor, for a while I was too tired all day, I had many routine activities to do.

After I received several medical doctor's prescriptions, I also penetrated several types of drugs, these herbal medicines aimed to stabilize high blood pressure, as well as vitamins for body health.

After undergoing some doctor recommendations, I also do exercise in the morning and reduce my routine activities. In the last few days I also decided to take a month off at some of my work, for the purpose of healing my limbs. Besides that, I also maintain my diet, get adequate rest, take time to relax, and go for a walk.

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