Natural medicine || A rural herb from our grandfather

Turmeric is one of the beneficial plants, turmeric is a traditional natural herbal medicine passed down from our grandparents. The turmeric plant has been cultivated for years and is very popular in the market. Turmeric can also be processed into regional specialties.


Turmeric is generally used as an ingredient in daily cooking, besides that, turmeric can also cure several diseases. The turmeric plant is very practical to be cultivated in fertile soil. Turmeric plants are generally widely cultivated in rural areas.



Well, for those of you who don't know the use of turmeric, see further

Most of the people at large, every day use turmeric, turmeric is included as a daily staple, in addition to cooking ingredients it is also a natural medicine.

  • Turmeric can be processed into cooking ingredients such as regional specialties, of course.
  • Turmeric can be processed into medicine, for example, such as stomach pain medication or scars.
serving method
  • Take fresh turmeric, then wash it clean !
  • Then peel off the skin !
  • Arrowroot until smooth !
  • Then squeeze the turmeric water until it comes out orange water.
  • Sprinkle with a pinch of salt or 1/4 of a spoon !

After completing the following steps, you can drink it in the morning, about 5 ml for those of you who experience stomach pain or ulcers. The rules for consuming this turmeric juice before breakfast, the results are quite good, for those of you who often experience ulcers or stomach acid, you can consume this turmeric juice for a period of 1 week, regularly you drink it, mah disease or your stomach acid. will be healed forever. This is a natural herbal medicine passed down from our grandfather.

I've practiced all of this, the results are very satisfying. When we have stomach ulcers or ulcers, we don't have to go to the doctor, and take chemical drugs. And this is a natural herbal medicine from our grandfather, until now we still use turmeric as the best herbal medicine.

I hope that my article is useful for everyone. We find many natural medicines in the environment of everyday life, without the need to consume chemical drugs from doctors.

@belenguerra @bright-obias I want you to see this article, I hope it is useful for all of you who experience gastric or gastric disease.

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