Lanscapes - Beautiful rural environment


Nature is always the first choice to show a number of the beauty of our environment. As I walked the path around the rural environment, I captured the moment the landscape is quite beautiful at that time, a number of hills in the countryside were an inspiration to me at that time. The preservation of the natural scenery this summer is quite good, many natural attractions look quite attractive to me this summer.


The surrounding rural environment provides many benefits, as a side economic source for rural people, a number of quite beautiful landscapes occur throughout the day. Agricultural land is one of the planting places for communities around rural areas.


The beautiful open landscape in the afternoon, the rural environment is the best place for nature tourism. Apart from the cool air, there are also beautiful birds singing around the trees.

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Category Lanscapes
Camera in use Realme 5i + Macrolens
Owner @opick
Location Indonesia

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