Activities throughout the day serving purchases

During the day's activities, maybe I was busier than before. Serving buyers, of course, is very holding back emotions, when they hear harsh words for being late in preparing the goods bought by them. I have experienced this often throughout the day while I was working in a spice shop.


Being a worker and waiter in a spice shop, one must have patience and high awareness, to deal with fussy customers.

I work under customer pressure to fulfill their demands, in the types of items they order. Activities throughout the day include sports without us knowing it even though we are busy with work.



The working activity is quite simple, this runcit shop sells spices such as cooking spices, coconut milk and types of onions and many more. At 7 am we open the shop until 5 pm we close, weekends are the biggest day many visitors from remote villages visit the city to buy various types of daily cooking ingredients for rural people.


Routine activities throughout the day continue until the afternoon, hundreds of tons of merchandise are sent from Indonesia to the hands of consumers who are traded all the time. The area of ​​the shop is not that big, but the capital spent is quite large, reaching thousands of USDT.

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