Wellington boots


Inky boots

Inktober is a drawing challenge where you create one ink drawing a day throughout the entire month of October. As well as creating digital drawings around the official Inktober prompt list, I have also created my own prompt list for this month's Inktober challenge. My own prompt word for this drawing is weather, which was very relevant for yesterday as it seemed to rain all day.

0.59 rainSQ.gif

Wellington boots

For this drawing I used my ink pen, brush and drawing inks to create a picture of wellington boots. The boots are sat out in the rain, I wonder if their owner has abandoned them in haste to get indoors.

Ink on paper

If you want to see some of my previous ink illustrations check out DWELLING, an illustrated crime novel collaboration between myself and fellow Steemian @dougkarr, set in New York’s Lower East Side. Dwelling is now available in print and ePub.


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Comments 7

What a beautiful illustration. Your style is lovely.

12.10.2019 17:03

Thank you @alejandra.her, glad you liked it.

13.10.2019 08:32

Lovely piece Ophelia. Love the polka dots and the puddle too. The tip of your brush is so fine ~ What sort of brush is it? ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

13.10.2019 03:44

It's a synthetic (I don't use animal hairs) watercolour brush.

13.10.2019 08:29

It's been a long time since I've attempted watercolour, and I used to use sumi-e brushes ~ Which thinking about it now were animal hair brushes. At the time I never liked synthetic brushes, as they didn't have a good holding capacity ~ But it makes sense to me now to use them. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

14.10.2019 06:16

Wow that one is really good. It's actually one of my favorites. I like when artists demonstrate the beauty of everyday objects. Well, in this case not everyday objects but rainy day objects lol

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13.10.2019 06:36

Thank you, I do love my spotty wellies! This time of year they sit by my backdoor, ready for me to tackle the wet weather and mud.

13.10.2019 08:32