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Tread is the prompt word for the 20th drawing on the official 2019 Inktober prompt list. Inktober is a drawing challenge where you create one ink drawing a day throughout the entire month of October, so just 11 more drawings left to make .

Official Inktober prompt list

Stepped on

I created this digital drawing on DADA inspired the Inktober prompt word tread using the drawing tools that are part of the DADA website. In this drawing the figure had been trodden on by the giant boot.

Creating the drawing on DADA



Three drawings: Misfit, Sling and Tread in 'things are about to get inky' on DADA


Some of my DADA Inktober drawings


DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, if you love drawing take a look at DADA for yourself - and follow @dadanyc on Steemit.


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Excellent contribution, one of my hobbies is art, when making drawings it is my way out of the current problems that I go through, and it is also a beautiful way to make culture with such an extended community !!

20.10.2019 21:34

Hello @andreseduar9, great to hear that you enjoy creating art too.

20.10.2019 22:03

Hello, @opheliafu. Your talent is infinite and I really like to make time and pass by here to enjoy it. I wish it was more frequent, but the day to day difficulties and factors like internet and electricity in Venezuela make it very difficult. A hug, greetings.

21.10.2019 01:33

A brilliant concept once again. Hoping the poor little flattened figure will be able to breathe in the space between ~ So he can live to find his treasure in the land of Utopia. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

21.10.2019 01:59

Hi @opheliafu ,It is a pleasure for me to see you again.
Many, many blessings, I have not read your post, I am glad to see you.
A giant hug :)

21.10.2019 02:44

Nice one. I like that. I like how you made it into a mirror image or reflection sort of with the boot and the tread mark opposite each other. Very cool. Good one!

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21.10.2019 06:29