Quiet Conversation



I created a digital drawing for a visual conversation on DADA called Quiet Conversation. In this drawing two figures are turned towards each other as if midway through a conversation, but very few words are being spoken, they are both thinking about what has just been said.


The drawing tools on DADA


You can choose background color, pencil colors, widths of the pencils, and transparency. You can go back, erase, and also save your drawing for later. When you are ready, you can add tags, choose to automatically share in Facebook, click on the “POST” button, and show your art to the world. You will also see a brush icon at the end of a visual conversation, and if you have enough points to participate in that conversation (at least 200) you can draw from there as well.

Source: medium.com/@PowerDada/dada-faqs

green inkmarks.png

Quiet Conversation


You can find the visual conversation on DADA.art

green inkmarks.png

DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, if you love drawing take a look at DADA for yourself -https://dada.art/ and follow @dadanyc on Steemit.

A selection of my DADA drawings


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You can find my tokenized art on SuperRare, KnownOrigin and MakersPlace.

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Maybe they are speaking with body language? Nice one. I like the black drawing on the yellow background. They go well together. I like the fringe on one person as well. Great work :)

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07.11.2019 07:48

Thank you, I like to see how much of a character's personality I can get into a simple drawing.

07.11.2019 23:12