Misfit Ornament


Two drawings

I created these digital drawing on DADA inspired the Inktober prompt words ornament and misfit. Ornament is the prompt word for the 17th drawing on the official 2019 Inktober prompt list, and misfit is the 18th. Inktober is a drawing challenge where you create one ink drawing a day throughout the entire month of October.

Official Inktober prompt list


For this word I created a drawing inspired by old vintage Christmas baubles, the kind that are wrapped in silk threads.



There are three figures in this drawing, two are wearing stripes and the other is wearing a polka dot dress and hat, making her stand out from the crowd.


Ornament and Misfit in 'things are about to get inky' on DADA


Some of my DADA Inktober drawings


DADA is a social network where people speak to each other through drawings, if you love drawing take a look at DADA for yourself -https://dada.art/ and follow @dadanyc on Steemit.


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You can find my tokenized art on SuperRare, KnownOrigin and MakersPlace.

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@opheliafu hello dear friend
I really like your presentations, very original. Congratulations
I wish you a splendid weekend

19.10.2019 00:33

Nice. I like them both but I prefer the misfit drawing. The idea behind it is very clever. I think the polka dot outfit definitly has more style. Very cool

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19.10.2019 06:10