What Christian really is


When you have Christ, you are full, you have arrived, you have all things. But many people don't know this fact. Make up your mind, have this fact active in your life, chose to walk in the light of God and it will be life ever. Decide to live in blessings and abundance, because it is the life that God has already given to you in Christ

Will of God is for us to walk in level of self-sufficiency. God is able to make all things come to you in superfluity, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever you need, you would be self-sufficient

Don't allow the drama of world command your life. Live by the the Word of God. Don't be a dependant of circumstances till extend no matter what happens, you are always on top. You have become an giver of love in a wicked world. There could be problem everywhere, but you are unbothered

To have enough, to need no help or support and equipped in ample for all good works and generous donation This is easy to take, believe and understand when you truly know who the Christian really is. Christian is the one in that is dwells in Christ, and Christ is all things.

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