I love traveling

If I look how good people are to me every where I worked and lived,  I would not move forward,  I would stay like a damn water that does not move,  and it may not reflect now,  but it would surely reflect in future.
Although I have hurt people by leaving them and move on but this is what I want,  I want to know more things,  I want to travel and see what is happening in another place,  another city, another region.
I have never worked or lived at a place for more than two years and that's how my heart want it
Migration is part of Education cos you would meet new people and  learn them by listening 👂 to their stories,  their behavior and their way of life. Working at different places makes you have good working experience, it would help you when you have your own work cos you would know how to deal with your workers

I've been in places in my country and now I'm looking 👀 forward to oversea.  So help me God.

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According to the Bible, Charity Means Love (2 of 5)

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