God is always right, nothing is ever as right as God, he have reason why he want us to give someone while you were given, he has reason why Tithe is very compulsory, he has the reason why he made some seasons Thanksgiving season.

you are a big fool if you were given and hard for you to give back, don't think you receive it cos you deserve it, God just want to test your IQ and God can do the test for a very long period of time before he take back what he gave you and give it to someone else. That is why you see those that have got and didn't have again, that is why you see big people's properties seized by government, that is why you see some workers got sacked

*What would it take you to give out just 10% of the profit you made? You claim to wise than God that provided it.
God even give chance for you to do what you've fail to do for a whole year, that's why he made some seasons giving out to the poor.soldier-military-uniform-american.jpg

You can right your wrongs at the seasons like eid-el-kabir and eid-el-fitr if you are a Muslim, Easter and Christmas for Christians*

Give to the poor and you shall receive too

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