OpenSeed News: Fully Open, Updated Wikis, Community

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We’re OpenSeed and if you’re not familiar with us, we published a Steem.DAO proposal before heading into the holiday season along with two companion pieces written by @andrarchy and @bflanagin. You can view @andrarchy’s piece here, and @bflanagin’s piece here.

Despite the holiday season, we’ve still managed to accomplish some important objectives that we want to bring to the attention of anyone (but especially developers) who are interested in OpenSeed.

Fully Open

The first announcement is that all of OpenSeed’s branches are now public on github. This will give application developers an opportunity to learn more about how OpenSeed works and give valuable feedback on how it can serve their needs better, while putting us one step closer to enabling 3rd party developers to contribute to OpenSeed.

If that sounds good to you, be sure to vote on our Steem.DAO proposal.

Our #1 priority is to deliver an open source platform to Steem developers that provides them with the valuable off-chain solutions they need to take their applications to the next level. That’s why getting the code into a shareable state and making it public on github is an important milestone for us.

Updated Wikis

The second announcement is that we have made significant updates to the github wikis. There are now fairly detailed wikis which explain:

  1. How to create off-chain accounts on OpenSeed
  2. How OpenSeed’s p2p encrypted chat features work
  3. How OpenSeed can be used to retrieve data from the Steem blockchain
  4. And more!

More to Come!

A lot of progress is being made both on OpenSeed, and the application we announced in our proposal; OpenLink. We look forward to sharing that progress with you in future posts, so be sure to follow @openseed, join our community, and of course, if you have not yet voted on our proposal, please do!

Join the Effort

Whether you're a frontend or backend developer, a designer, or just an ordinary user who wants to get more involved with the project, stop by our discord server. If you want to help build a more open and socially aware internet, we will do our best to find a role for you in our burgeoning community.

Vote on our Steem.DAO proposal

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@tipu curate

09.01.2020 19:03

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/15 - need recharge?)

09.01.2020 19:03

Will check this out after work today. But from my first overview, I'd like some example of mini apps using OpenSeed. Also, will there be a JS/TS version? I'm no Python dev.

09.01.2020 22:40

Voted for the proposal, excited to see what this project can do!

10.01.2020 08:20

It's great that you've put the code out. I'll check it out soon :)

10.01.2020 16:14

Thks for the laters. I support and vote for this proposal.

11.01.2020 20:58


15.01.2020 15:45