Please don't clap!

Maybe you've seen a short clip from the Democratic Socialists of America Convention, where clapping and gendered language were the enemies of the working class, instead of landlords and billionaires - but there was much more cringe. I felt sorry for the chairperson, until she said that discussing socialism was off-topic. And watch one of those disabled narcissists stutter when he accidentally uses the word 'trumps'.

'Point of personal privilege' is a regular term from Robert's Rules of Order, but it's way overused here. And it's funny to hear these social justice warriors claiming privilege.

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This was the creature complaining about the word 'guys':

They're not sending their best, folks.

08.08.2019 18:45

It's easy to mock the DSA from the right. The Marxist respons from a new group called Class Unity is more interesting: Let Them Clap. Well, I don't know whether that's a group or one person, but there's also a leftist subreddit opposing identity politics: /r/stupidpol.

23.08.2019 20:34