🚫 STOP PLAGIARISM🚫 Don't Copy Paste ⚠️ Some Important Notice 🔊

Greetings Steemians

How are you all? Hope you're fine! So friends today I will discuss some important things of steemit.
You need to read today's whole post to know and learn a lot.



You all probably know a little bit about plagiarism. I have tried to explain to all the people I have taught in this community that plagiarism is not copying someone else's picture / writing or copying someone else's article.

🖥Some Important Things🖥

• Each Platfrom has different roles, just like Steemit's rule is that no text or image can be copied from anyone, if you do, you will never get support from Steemit, so beware of Plgariasm.

• First you need to know about Plagiarism and act accordingly. Those who are new users must first know about the rules of Steemit.

• Those who work without knowing about Plagiarism will be caught one day or another, so you have to work on Steemit knowing everything in advance. If you keep making the same mistake over and over again, you will have to pay for it one day or the other.

• If you want to get better by working on Steemit all your life, then you must know about Plagiarism in advance and then work.

• If you have no idea about Plagiarism, please let me know by posting to us or our community. I will try to give you ideas about Plagiarism. And not Plagiarism Content Allow in our community.

I have seen that the new member Steemit comes and posts someone else's picture or text, it gets his Reputation (0) and due to small mistakes, there is no income in their account, so I will say to the newcomers, please follow Achievement 3 and then work on steemit. Achievement 3 I have completed You can follow my post if you want.

✅Here Is The Link What Is Plagiarism :✅


All of you who are new will complete Achievement of Steemit up to 1-6 so that you can know better about Steemit's Rules.

Submit your post in Newcomers' Community you will get verified from @cryptokannon

How To Use Free Image or Content?

1. If you collect and post anything, you must use the legal source.

2. You must use a copyright free image, and provide the main source link.

Here are some links for use Copyright free Image :




Free image

Free Pik

Stock Snap

Thanks for staying with us for so long. We hope you all know about PLAGIARISM and still let us know if there are any problems. Everyone will be fine and healthy.



Thank you all @open-theworld

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