Keepface - A bridge between influencers and brands


A bridge between influencers and brands


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Keepface is a platform where brands get in contact with influencers.

Keepface is an automated platform for brands to reach most relevant influencers, communicate with them and manage campaigns using real-time analytics

Influencers get to;
Partner with the Brand that they truly love.
Get to know more brands and find the right ones to cooperate.
Keep complete control over how they collaborate with brands

Brands get to;
Select the most relevant influencers according to performance
See influencer prices, compare and negotiate
Define your flow, content types, budget and write an impressive brief
Forecast the impact, monitor the real-time results


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23.07.2019 15:05

That's reviewhunt.. they don't have hunt token.

23.07.2019 18:01

They even cover celebrity endorsements.
Is Keepface cutting out agencies from social marketing? @oneychi
Is any indicative pricing available?

24.07.2019 02:55


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