Gold, Not Bitcoin, Is Drawing Haven Demand on US Recession Fears

A convincing move above the 200-day MA, currently at $8,483, would invite stronger buying pressure, as discussed earlier this week.

Interesting article about the recent prices of both gold and bitcoin. I own some of both, so I'd just like to see them go higher, I really don't care who wins out. I am a little surprised bitcoin isn't doing better, I think the market is progressing better than the crypto prices are reflexing....

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Gold is around $1515 right now.....

04.10.2019 17:23

Gold and silver are being suppressed again and again! Bitcoins hash rates were due to the big fire of a big mining company!? Also Chinese authority arrested many miners in Mongolia! But they can’t stop these two or three assets from going up in the future.

05.10.2019 08:40