Rest In Peace Dear Temitope Balogun Joshua(TBJ)

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If the whole phenomenon known as life is a coin, there'll be two sides to this coin. On one side will be death while on the other side will be birth. Buttressing this fact, It also follows with the law of opposites, light and dark, male and female, old and young, tall and short, and also birth and death just to give a few analogies.

Death is always met as a sad event and truely it is a sad event but as religious peoples of the Christian faith we find solace in the ancient Maxim that Hope is Eternal!!! There is hope for the dead too just as it is for the living. Our own beloved Jesus Christ died to teach us by example that through living an ideal righteous life then we can hope for an eternal life in the Heavenly kingdoms.

Two days ago Nigerians were greeted with a very sad event in the news media announcing the death of a Christian leader, Prophet T B Joshua. He was a good man and I pray that may he find rest in the bossom of The Good Lord, Amen. I personally have not met him but from afar his charitorious deeds has not escaped my notice. He was much beloved by his followers and this was because in him they found some measure of help, materially, psychologically and spiritually.

We will all walk through and complete the cycle of life, giving up the body someday maybe at a time least expected so it will be good we live everyday in expectation of the great departure and inbibe in us and our association with our neighbours the culture of love and forgiveness. There will always be salvation for all true Christians whom lived in good imitation of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

May the Peace of our Lord Jesus be upon you all my beloved in Christ Jesus. Amen.

May you forever dwell in the Light of His Presence for all Eternity beloved Man of God!!!

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