Thassos, one of Greece beautiful islands

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The Archangel Michael Monastery

Last summer it was for the second time when I went to Thassos, more specifically to Skala Potamia, contrary to my belief that you always have to go to different places and discover new things. I chose this island again because it was at the shortest distance by car from Bucharest and when I paid for the trip I wasn't thinking that at the end of it, I would say that the first time I was in vain. Now I am fully convinced that, over the years, I will return because I have many more to discover and experience.

Leaving the island for the boat trip

First of all, if you are thinking of going to Thassos and staying at your chosen location, going to the beach and eating the traditional food, you better stay home because the true experiences that this island can offer, do not reveal itself, but they must be discovered.

What can you do here?

\- Skala Potamia, beach with fine sand, entrance to smooth water, sunbeds, taverns on the seafront, beach a bit crowded. At the end of the beach you have a small port, where there is also an exhibition - of painting we saw. In the evening you can take the train that makes the tour of the resort.

\-Golden Beach, large beach with fine sand, smooth entrance to the water, taverns on the seafront, crowded.

\- Marble Beach, Porto Vathy, the place you shouldn't miss. For us this year was also the first place. I don't want to describe the location anymore because you have to be there so you can say it's wonderful.

\- Marble Beach, unfortunately I only saw it from the ship. We read that there are two marble beaches but each time we stopped only at Porto Vathy.

\- La Scala Beach, the most beautiful beach. It is a few km from Limenas.

\- The Archangel Michael Monastery, do not miss it because, besides the architecture (it is a copy of a monastery in Turkey) it offers a spectacular panorama over the sea.

One of my best experiences in Thassos, and also not a very expensive one was a boat trip around the island. It cost 50 euro / person and included: a trip around the island and lunch.

Boat trip around Thassos

For lunch we stopped in a golf that is accessible only by boat and before the stakes were ready, tourists had the opportunity to swim. I swim to the island and back and than the lunch was the best... or maybe I was very hungry :)

Photo from boat trip around Thassos

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