Your Soul Whispers...Sept 29

ON Sept 29, your soul whispers...

Oh, my! Did indecision from yesterday find it's way into denial today? The energy of this card suggests there is energy within or without you that is less than forthcoming, duplicitous, even undercover. If things feel icky in your external world, consider that lower levels of thinking got you to a dark place, vibrated in an inhospitable environment. If it is you who find self-deception your only means of avoiding things you do not want to acknowledge within you or in your life, then this card advises that you're fooling no one. We may all find ourselves here in difficult moments, but things done in the dark, eventually come to the light. Be willing, be brave to face the light of truth. Agree that it doesn't feel good down here, and let the sword of truth in his hand, gleaming by the light of higher truth, turn you around so you can rise up, elevate, and go in the right direction.


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