# fitness2020 20 repeticiones al día durante 20 días en febrero de 2020 Día 14

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Today were 36 repetitions. The goal: to arrive 100 rep at the end.

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Davidke20 has proposed a new challenge. He said: " join me on the 20 days challenge. And this February we have 29 days, which means you get to have 9 days off. All I need is 20 workout videos from you, showing you exercising. Each participants towards the end of the challenge, who completed the challenge, make a summary post of all your 20 video posts, I will send 1 steem as a thank note. The best 3 video I think somewhat it influenced others, and or caught my eye, I will give prize according to below rules."

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https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmWXynVma7pYo3MCivJ5Cb6Nfae2uMGNt11YGxqysBGqBW/text15.pngIf you want to know this rules please click herehttps://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmWXynVma7pYo3MCivJ5Cb6Nfae2uMGNt11YGxqysBGqBW/text15.pngI want you know that @enginewitty and @untersatz run a healing campaign. To participate you can use the #spreadlovenotwar tag to gain more visibility by the group of curators of the @thealliance family.

Click here to vote for Enginewitty as a witness and the latest update <<< please click to read.


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Great work! Keep it up !tip !shop

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Te felicitamos por tu dedicación y esfuerzo, @oneray.
Ya te vemos como ganador

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