After each event ends, be it a marriage, a birthday, camping or a pool day, everything returns to normal and to the tasks that are daily within the Event Center.

My normal days almost always start the same way; It seems routine, but it never is. In fact, we can't go through the same door twice! When we go through it a second time, it is already a little older.

My day starts at 6 am, when I get out of bed, I bathe and put a kettle in the kitchen to heat water; My wife loves coffee and I leave everything ready for when she wakes up, she can take it easy.

While that happens, I go to the computer to check the notifications on Steemit. This is a ritual that changes nothing unless something unforeseen prevents it.

I usually answer all comments, in my posts and review the Powerhousecreatives post. I love that post because they always get it right with their recommendations. I walk through my feed, I check other publications that I consider to be of good quality.

I'm usually on the computer until 9 am and I leave the house where I live to go to work; My work is a few steps, Lol.

The house where I live with my wife is small but very comfortable: It has 3 bedrooms, 1 sanitary room, 1 environment that works as a dining room and kitchen.

The first thing I do is start watering all the plants and trees. I like doing it because it relaxes me and lets me think clearly about the things I should do during the day and in the week, besides thinking about what publication I can share.

Despite being a fairly large area, I only dedicate part of the morning to this end. While doing so, I check if the trees that were drying up during the previous administration are improving.

I check the status of all plants, shrubs, and trees and see their status; I didn't know how to do it before, but doing it every day has led me to investigate how I can improve the green areas of the Event Center.

I am glad that they are now recovering little by little. However, I have also observed that the person who helps me after 4 pm, has broken some rose plants with the weed cutter. When I gave him the instructions it had already been too late.

The plants are strong and always try to sprout. This is the case with this one, which was also cut when weeding

I like to check the state of the roses. The ones I have sown have flourished several times; The different colors can be seen at the same time that the aroma is felt when I smell them

An elderly lady explained to me that hydrangeas are plants that must be in places where the sun does not reach directly because their leaves and flowers burn; It seems to be true because I see how it looks worse on sunny days

On the side of this place, where cars enter the camping area, there are lemon cypresses and another variety of plants on the other side; There are also other rose plants that I must clean because when the flower withers, it weakens the plant. So I have to remove them so they stay strong and more roses come out instead

Then I go to the pool area. I check the chlorine level and measure its pH. And I turn on the filtering pumps. The corrections of chlorine and pH, I make them in the afternoon, when the day is ending, since the chlorine evaporates faster with sunlight. In this way, the chlorine works during the night and stays active in the water longer, making better disinfection.

During the night, the dust that is carried by the windfalls into the water and is deposited in the bottom, in the same way as some insects.

After all the maintenance, I have to dedicate myself to the manufacture of some bleachers for the synthetic grass field, since a football tournament is planned for the month of March

The tier model I made them liked it a lot and they decided that they would do 12 in total.
These are 6 meters long and 1.5 meters high and are built with 150mm waterfront, 100mm waterfront and 50mm angle by 3mm thick. The electrode I use is Indura 6011 by 1/8 "in diameter.

I would like to tell you many more things, but I would run out of material for the next post, Lol.

So we read in an upcoming installment.

Did you know that @enginewitty and @untersatz run a healing campaign. To participate you can use the #spreadlovenotwar tag to gain more visibility by the group of curators of the @thealliance family.

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The Power House Creatives (formerly known as the Steemit Bloggers) is a community of individuals who are committed to producing content which adds value to the Steem network. We are STRONGLY focused on supporting our fellow members individual growth as well as offering support to those that are new to Steem and still trying to get ahead. We are a CLOSE KNIT community of individuals, each with our own strengths, passions and input, yet ALL willing to go the extra mile for our family members... WHY? - because, simply put - we CARE about one another and MANY HANDS make light work! - THAT is what FAMILY is about! - To infinity and beyond...


**A hug from a Venezuelan in Chile.
All photos were taken with my phone by me**


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