God is already here−you only need to reach out


So many are waiting for God to show Himself in such a way so that it could not be denied and refuse to seek Him until that happens. But they will have to wait a million years for that to happen.

I am following a mystical path because I am tired of waiting. I am taking my salvation into my own hands. I cannot wait until there is a perfect teaching about God on Earth, until a miracle happens before my eyes, until a messiah comes, enters my house and shows me the path, or until it gets so bad for me so there would be no other way anymore. Messiahs have already been here, and there is enough of them here today.

You may wait as long as you want until God shows Himself to you personally, but it is you who needs to take a step towards God, not Him. God has already showed Himself, you are already able to see His light in your life. But you will be able to see more only when you follow the direction of this light, no matter how dim it is. Do not wait. God only shows Himself to those who seek Him.

Why would one seek God? Because there are only two paths: towards God and away from Him.

The first one leads to personal growth and overall growth of life. It leads to good, since there is no higher good than God. It is the path of genuine self-realization, the path of acceptance of one’s true qualities and one’s true identity, the path of love towards oneself. It is the path of life.

The second one leads to stagnation and constant struggle with oneself and the world, to denial of oneself, to limitation of one’s abilities and to inner poverty. It is the path of self-desctruction, the path of hatred towards oneself. It is the path of death.

You cannot be yourself while not accepting God, because you are a part of Him. You cannot accept God until you love Him, because God is love. You cannot love God and not seek Him, because love needs closeness.

I have a limited subjective experience of experiencing God. As you do. But whatever it is, one can advance further only by drawing on the experience he has, not waiting until there is undeniable objective evidence. You have to take risks, you have to take responsibility for your life, cast aside doubts and follow your faith, rely on your intuition.

I can observe my inner state, listen to myself, feel warmth in my chest, experience joy and love, watch energies flowing in my body, receive short insights and see unusual dreams that change my consciousness. I can read and to some extent intuitively understand what is true or false because there is truth witthin myself. I can ask God and His servants in the Heavens for help and feel my heart responding and my consciousness changing when there is an answer.

You can do something like that right now. Or even more. But no matter how limited are our abilities in experiencing and knowing God while being on Earth, we have to use them to develop them.

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