Do you want to know the truth?

Sometimes I ask people directly: “Do you want something more than what you already have? Do you need the truth or is your understanding of the world sufficient to you?”

We could argue whether I can give people something more and whether I can offer them something better than what they already believe. One can doubt whether I have the truth or whether I am closer to the truth than they are.

But we do not even reach this point. People either walk away from the question or reply that they do not need anything. They are not interested in anything that goes beyond their current worldview. They are not seeking anything.

I take it completely calmly. That allows me to understand whether it makes sense to continue the conversation. But I cannot imagine myself in this position. For me, it is equivalent to refusing something fundamental to myself−that which makes me alive.

And what would be your answer to this question if you directed it to yourself?

a woman looking through a magnifying glass
Image: asier_relampagoestudio / Frepik

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You must be kidding me.

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24.11.2019 18:00