Dear OneLoveIPFS Subscribers A Friendly Reminder To Use Our Uploader


Dear OneLoveIPFS Subscribers

A friendly reminder 😉 please use our uploader interface on

DO NOT upload on the official upload interface as your videos will not be playable due to the non functioning default gateway as it does not currently have the gateway overwrite to make the embed player load the video from our own gateway.

Also, a reminder that it is in your best interest to make use of the tools your paying for. With the beneficiary to @DTube on our interface set to 2% instead of 10% you will receive higher STEEM rewards while ensuring your videos remain playable 💪

PS Subscribers If you need help making any of your videos playable again feel free to stop into our community discord and speak with @TechCoderX

OneLoveDTube Community Discord

🔥 Beta Sign Up Application Form 🔥

Currently in the works a project beta application request was brought forwards by @Vaultec aiming to build us into the next leg of IPFS File Hosting solutions ❤️


Check out the application in link below or stop into our community discord by clicking the bottom banner and speak with @Vaultec for further information 👍

IPFS Cloud Beta Tester Application

💖 Supporting Those Who Support The Platform 💖

Tired Of Your Videos Not Playing? We Have A Solution!

With a competitive Storage Starter Package of 16GB for $3/month on IPFS you will get full access to our creator tools including our IPFS Discord Pin Bot, DTube Uploader, Thumbnail Swap.

"We #OneLoveDTube are a group of content creators aiming to support creativity on DTube and the platform alike by manually curating content while providing IPFS backup solutions that keep videos playable forever!"

We Will Get There Together

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Awesome service! Thanks!

21.01.2020 02:24

Your support is appreciated 💪

Posted using Partiko iOS

21.01.2020 02:47

have you even tried using our service before leaving a feedback 😂

21.01.2020 02:54