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ONECENT: New Strategic Token Investment Game Now Open

ONECENT is a tokenised game on Steem Engine that combines a fixed incremental price with income generated from token sales.

It is a mixture of strategic game and investment.

Profits may be made both through trading as well as holding and selling at the end. Losses may also be possible.

The Start

The token price starts at 0.01 STEEM and increases in steps of 0.01 STEEM. There is no upper limit to the price.

Each price point will have a fixed number of tokens issued.

This is set at 990 tokens priced at 1 cent, with a sliding scale down to 10 tokens priced at 99 cents. If we ever get above 99 cents then there will be a fixed 10 tokens for every one cent increment. It is easier to see this distribution graphically on the DEX.

There is no upper limit on the number of tokens in the game, but the initial total, priced up to 99 cents, is 50,000. ONECENT tokens are available to an accuracy of 2 decimal places.

The management account, @mapac, shall be given 2000 tokens to cover the cost of token-creation and the initial delegated SP. Such tokens will be counted as part of the game if and when they are sold or otherwise distributed to other parties, such as airdrops.

There is no staking, no delegating and no mining available.

The Middle

All STEEM from the sale of ONECENT tokens will be invested in either the Steem Power of the game account, @onecent, or in other tokens that will generate income.

The game account shall also post daily updates, with game metrics and some discussions about possible strategies and calculations that may inform a player's actions. I trust such insights will be both profitable and informative.

The game account shall not take active part in the game save for administrative functions such as updating expired SELL orders on the DEX, managing the funds and handling the final distribution period. It is also possible, in order to speed up the game, that the game account may buy tokens at the equivalent asset value of the fund, but all such BUYS will take those tokens out of the game in the same way as the final distribution period.

The End

The game shall stop when, either 10 days have elapsed without a BUY trade processed, or 200 days have elapsed since the start date, whichever condition happens first. The start date is taken as 12 July 2019 so that the end date will be on 28 January 2020 at the latest.

The day after the end date, a final account reconciliation shall be published with the final price per token. All funds shall be distributed to token holders.

At the end of the game, all users still holding tokens shall be able to sell them on Steem Engine back to the game account for the final published price.

At the end of the game, ONECENT holdings such as SP and tokens need to be powered down or unstaked in order to be distributed. It is the responsibility of the token holders to check when tokens are being bought back and to sell their tokens during this final distribution period. Once such tokens have been bought by the game account they shall be permanently withdrawn from the game.

I hope the rules are very simple.

The best strategy may, however, be a bit more complex.

And finally, remember that this is a tokenised game on a digital platform using STEEM cryptocurrency. Only play with stakes that you can afford to lose. Although every effort is made to make this as profitable as possible for most players, some may end up redeeming their tokens for less than they paid for them. We are also not responsible for the operation of the Steem Engine platform or other software nor the price of STEEM, nor any other currency or token, all of which may impact the running of this game. Please enjoy the game and invest cautiously.

Any questions, please ask.

ONECENT token is managed by the same team as the MAPX token, now with over 18 months experience of making money for delegators and investors on Steem.

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