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ONECENT Daily Report - Random Upvote & New MAXUV Token Promo - Day 39

Firstly, the numbers: our total value is currently about 1519 STEEM (+10 STEEM), including 381 STEEM within Steem Engine and a total of 15203 tokens in play. This gives ONECENT an ABV of about 9.99 STEEM cents, slightly up on yesterday.

We're almost at the 10-cent mark - a mere sliver away!

Not a lot of activity today; most of it was done yesterday, although we did receive some MAPR tokens from their weekly distribution. However, one thing few seem to grasp is that MAPR token-holders receive the same weekly return through the token pricing mechanism. So, as ONECENT is slowly converting SP into liquid funds, we have undelegated to MAPR and shall be buying tokens instead. At the end, it is much faster to sell the tokens than to undelegate and then power-down the SP!

MAXUV is continuing its pre-HF21 price promotions.

So, here again is the MAXUV launch post and the Steem Engine MAXUV market.

Let me know what you think.

Now, to some prizes!

I shall give one 10% vote per day to a random account that appears on the Steem Engine Block Explorer.

That random player will also be added to our automatic-voter (if not already there). The upvotes will be... modest.

So, our winner today is... @qam2112!


I hope you find the game interesting. Please post any questions or, better still, if you write any articles on the ONECENT experience, feel free to post a link in a comment.

Till tomorrow!

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