ONECENT Daily Report - Random Upvote & Free TULIPs - Day 25

Firstly, the numbers: our total STEEM value is currently about 1459 STEEM, including 300 STEEM within Steem Engine and a total of 15203 tokens in play. This gives ONECENT an ABV of about 9.60 STEEM cents, an increase from yesterday.

The price has jumped up a bit due to a few factors. There have been some decent rewards from a couple of recent posts. We have used our powered down STEEM to invest further in MAPX tokens; their value has also risen thereby adding to our capital value. Such prices may, of course, come back down but the votes will off-set any such dip.

It looks like the change in earning strategy is having an effect. The daily increase in ABV seems higher than a week ago; I hope this continues. We should be looking at 10 cents in a few days.

The major news today is that @Busbecq is giving away some free TULIP tokens for the new game starting next week. Have a look at: New TULIP Mania Token Game - 250 Free TULIPs Contest 2. There will also be a 3rd contest posted today.

Have a good weekend!

Now, to some prizes!

I shall give one 10% vote per day to a random account that appears on the Steem Engine Block Explorer.

That random player will also be added to our automatic-voter. The upvotes won't be so high as to make them significant compared to the ONECENT token price.

So, our winner today is... @clayboyn!


I hope you find the game interesting. Please post any qustions or, better still, if you write any articles on the ONECENT experience, feel free to post a link in a comment.

Till tomorrow!

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ONECENT: New Strategic Token Investment Game Now Open

Comments 3

!sbi status

06.08.2019 05:41

Hi @onecent!

  • you have 1 units and 150 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 719932666699 or 0.246 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 0.049 $

Structure of your total SBI vote value:

  • 0.50 % has come from your subscription level
  • 83.53 % has come from your bonus units
  • 9.19 % has come from upvoting rewards
  • 0.00 % has come from new account bonus or extra value from pre-automation rewards

    Did you know that your SBI level shows in your Steempeak wallet?

06.08.2019 05:43