When founders speak - it's worth to listen.

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This is great, almost 1 hour long interview with one of the founders of BLOCKNET and BLOCKNETDX.
Blocknet is the only true (!) decentralized exchange, and much more, which provides interoperability between various different blockchains. This is the prototype of "Internet of blockchains"
Quite a complex and very technical thing. But if you really want to grasp things deep in this new advanced technology, it is sure worth to watch

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Their white paper lists 17 use cases and the DEX is just one of them. When I first came across this project about a year ago, I was under the impression that this is a relatively new project. I just realized that it has been around since 2014!

25.09.2019 12:25

Ha ha... you tell me.... I'm their fan, and token holder since day ONE, since pre-ICO in October 2014. Still holding my trust (and bags), and running those servicenodes (aka masternodes) ...

26.09.2019 11:40

I think you made a wise decision although you may have to wait a bit. I have already used up all my spare cash for investments in other cryptos, when I stumbled upon Block. It was about a $1 then, much higher than what you would have bought it for. Even at $1 I think it is a good investment if one could wait.

Happy for you. Good choice!

27.09.2019 08:37