The First OnChain Art Showcase!


For the first in what I imagine will be a weekly post in the OnChain Art Community I(@midlet) proudly present some of the awesome contributions to the OnChain Art Community.

All of the artists featured in this post excluding myself are set as the 90% beneficiaries of this post. In case you're new this means that 90% of the rewards of this post will be evenly distributed amongst them automatically! So if you'd like to support this community, show them some love. The other 10% will be powered up by this @onchainart account whose voting power will exclusively be used for supporting this community.

So be sure to follow @onchainart for updates, contests, showcases and more.

Kicking things off is this awesome piece by @yoogyart.


@yoogyart didn't mention much about the art, but it speaks for itself, no need for a 200 word essay. I can dig it.

Next I'll get some of my own(@midlet) contributions out of the way as well.




I've been exploring some 3D fractals and experimenting with what I can whip up with those, here are a few examples.

Next up @jluvs2fly shared some of her progress as she dives into the world of being an artist. I think she's off to a great start!




Next up, we have one of the first and most dedicated contributers to Onchain Art @barbara-orenya. She's been sharing detailed process posts about what goes into the creation of her art prints that she sells online. Check out her posts if you're interested!



Next up we have @rootdraws, a fairly new Steemian diving head first into Steem as a way to help support his independent art projects. He's also been sharing a lot of the process of his creations in video form. Very engaging little tidbits into the mind of the self described "Erotic Graphic Novel Artist". Spicy! We're not prudes here in OCA, bring it :D

Last but not least we have @rubenalexander who made these cool images with Javascript. Code art FTW!



With all that, this is still just a small sample of the awesome contributions in Onchain Art. Be sure to follow @onchainart for more updates and follow the community!

That's all for now, spread the word, resteem this post as @onchainart is a brand new account, so every bit of exposure helps.

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02.01.2020 21:40

Great first post!! Congratulations!! 😁
Nice collection of artists and some pretty cool work.

03.01.2020 00:37

Greetings. ;)

I am really not an artist "yet" but I like it and I try to improve in what I do so that in the future I can make amazing art like the digital artists that I love... with respect to this community it will be possible that I can upload my works in the #OnChain community?

Can I be part of this community?

03.01.2020 18:54

Absolutely @yanes94! We'd love to have you :)

03.01.2020 19:02

How good!!! Thank you very much @midlet, I will try to create something decent to upload it by #OnChainArt ;)

06.01.2020 14:45

Thanks for the feature! I love this post concept. It nice to see a variety of art!

03.01.2020 20:40