Newspaper Seller Life In Poor Countries

What a life of newspaper Seller. I will share today my one uncle who was newspaper seller and he done this job since many years. So we are living in underdevelop country name Pakistan.
Routine of my uncle was that he woke up early before sunrise and went to the printing press where newspaper printed. He stand there with many other people and after sometime he got the different newspapers in bundles. Then he tied all with his bicycle and first deliverd to all the customers and later came on his newspaper stall with remaining newspaper.
He spend 3 hours on his stall and try to sell maximum because profit in selling newspaper is not so much. This is his part time business and after he went to the shop as a salesman job.
In night came back and the next day his same routine continue since years.
When mostly people were sleeping in winter or summer he awoke and this is the real life of newspaper seller.newspaper-seller-3977561_1280.jpg
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