The gentleman dragon


Without retention, I could not stop perceiving that, immediately after the fall in my battle and duel as gentleman in the ground of Isagar, reigned by the empire of the king black gentleman, who only wants to submit my small and noble people, my history I came from hunters of dragons, as my father, but I never saw anyone alone it stays as account of his memory, my name is Promethus the last one of the descendant from the family Foreman, I am thrown in the soil with the made sun piece after being knocked down in duel with another gentleman, but I did not have the worthy luck of a gentleman, quite what I have left and my people the ground of Isagar, only I have left his memory that defrauds them.

In the night the hands of his maiden prepared her for the grave and the fourth one to manage to go out of this place dominated by a man in the darkness, in this moment I observed with eyes if he is worth while being a gentleman without glory, the time served as help to escape, leaving behind that one memoirs, breathing with more freedom, after weeks of ways without courses, took a way that I do not know if it is to my perdition, I continue that already at night I stumble over several rocks that it shines as the silver, they were like a wealth in the negligence, but I check it seems to be a species of nest, when of the shades two go out eye of the color of fire and he breathes smoke, if it is a very big dragon and knocks down me, only what I it could not look at his eye, kneeling down front before him, the dragon filled quiet one with sea of fire and the brave gentleman, remained knelt down by his sword.

The dragon they shelter about his silver eggs it was a nest of dragon, Promethus, it did not do anything to the beast, the beast speaks to him that it has the heart of a noble gentleman, but he says to him that it is not worthy, that everything lost it, the dragon says to him that he it goes to help to recover his glory with a condition that has to take care and to look over his babies, who will be with the time your brothers, then it will be your army who obeys a heart of dragon just as it, I either I am slightly very old I will not manage to see to my last descent, either alone sound the last dragons, the noble gentleman accepts this brave commitment, but the dragon there is a last detail, gentleman has to have my heart of dragon so that you dominate my children, that is what I have to do, I have to be killed to drink my blood and burn my heart, for your blood of dragon with my heart they will dominate my children.

The gentleman expired with his part of the dealing and made everything what the mother asked him for dragon, then to do everything greens were tackled in flames and his eye trasformaron like of a reptile or rather the whole gentleman dragon, I take care during several decades to the eggs and he saw them to being born to all the dragons and I them take care like his of families, it already took his big brothers as his army and it expired with his honor of recovering to his village and the ground Isagar, one turned the kingdoms of the dragons, thanks to the patience of the gentleman dragon Promethus, annihilated quite the hordes of the black gentleman, to his leader dragons were fed to his brothers.


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