Leadership with a smile

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For many investors or shareholders, owners of companies, organizations, family, see how sales and production are falling, it focuses on cost structure strategy, technological changes to produce sea to get market leaders, but really that leadership does not He realizes how is his human talent, and the lack of delegation of work, especially to value his staff and if he is performing as he should be in his job, in recent years there have been investigations relevant to the case, which He managed to show the dissatisfaction in the staff for not being valued, since then smile operation campaigns have been carried out with direct dealings with the employees, people outside the company were hired who are incarnated to provide a moment to listen to them, a moment of laughter by clothing the ice, making it possible for the staff to identify with the organization and happy to be in their job, when leadership is assumed to know how We were very, your support team is very important. Let's just think about the following, everything must have a sense of humor, it helps us connect with others, have a greater connection with other individuals, cope with stress and in any situation.

the smile has a great power of attraction towards the people around us that is why doing it naturally has the power to improve well-being and group productivity, even in the marketing strategy images are used where it shows us the person smiling to give confidence in what is being offered in the market, thanks to the fact that this shows us the importance of the emotions that companies transmit to the market, but also the potential that could be used if we used them within it.

Company like Google, within its organizational structure and cultures, maintains within its ethics and values ​​all these family conditions to provide its employees always harmony and trust, that is why when we are happy we are more productive and when we are happier we smile more than Most naturally, emotional well-being has an intimate relationship with our physical health. For this reason, smiles are a great ally if we want to feel good at all levels.

You should know: The smile relaxes our muscles and relieves pain, thanks to the fact that the endorphins that we release that act as natural painkillers in our body, reduce cortisol, which is popularly known as the stress hormone. Laughter increased the production of antibodies and the activation of protective cells such as lymphocytes or cytotoxic T lymphocytes, which produce cellular immunity, important to prevent tumor formation.

This is a philosophy that breaks the avant-garde of the modern that shows us another type of knowledge and another way of seeing things, that we can make mistakes, not everything is based on cost and production strategy, but it is also important to know how our own feels human talent as part of our organization.


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I totally agree with you on this one, been happy and having a sense of humor goes along way when it comes to business and dealing with customers, thanks for sharing.

15.09.2020 20:41

Hello friend, I love this publication, certainly smiling helps us in many ways both personally and at work, a simple smile can change our day or someone else's, its effects are very beneficial both mentally and physically. Greetings!

15.09.2020 23:03

Greetings friend, it is good to know the advantages that gives us smile, in short if the leader generates a harmonious environment in the company, will have more active employees, would be a good subject of study in the social area.

See you later, have a great week! 🤝

16.09.2020 02:19

Working in a tensed environment is not convenient at all, a leader who is jovial is very easy to work with.

17.09.2020 15:08

An ever frowning boss will have to deal with changing staff's on a regular basis because a lot of people will never feel comfortable working in an environment like that.

17.09.2020 18:38