In the circle of information dysfunction

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From the history of humanity through history shows us the legacy, how man thanks to technology from primitive to our days served as a fundamental basis for communication between cultures and societies, the media were born and They developed, they have become a great source of power and social influence worldwide, they are instruments in permanent evolution, since over the years their way of transmitting information has become quite massive and instantaneous. What I like about this content is who handles the information and can control technology and other fundamental aspects that are influential in our development and the way we live, because every day a new trend is born until it becomes a very colorful culture.

Breaking a lot of paradigms every day it is clear, the positive characteristics of the communication media reside in that they allow broad information content to reach widespread places on the planet immediately, such as news, technological advances, scientific discoveries, etc., but with With the help of technology, the greatest possible access to this type of information is achieved immediately. What I would say is contradictory to the case is the way information is manipulated to create social, economic and cultural impact, where they give rise to very influential stereotypes about society, their culture of seeing and living their daily lives, the sword that cuts all tranquility is the information revolution is based on modern advances, so simple that the change in timing based on innovation and efficiency may not have a direct correlation with technology, where we are going even when they control us without realizing it.

Another point which cannot be overlooked at such high sensitivity is the great power that the media wield to influence the perception of reality of the whole society, an object of analysis is the image that the media transmits of Mental health and in particular of people affected by a mental disorder, is very strong but it occurs, that is why the creation of a norm and leakage of information from its content to determine for whom it is an act or not according to its content adjusted to reality and in such a way that the information cannot be manipulated much, since it has a social impact.


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Thanks partner, thank you for sharing this very good topic, where opinions are open, since the media is the most influential weapon on a dirt and with it the technology that changes our lives.

12.08.2020 03:41

Thanks for your support

15.08.2020 20:27

Hello my friend, good analysis, the truth is that I think the media is getting stronger every day and of course with the technology that is constantly advancing.

13.08.2020 03:13

Thank you for your support if this is how you mention it.

15.08.2020 20:28