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For much this issue is not normally discussed, but a fundamental part of our thinking of seeing the world around us, the humanistic approach establishes and lays the foundations of law, human rights policies that are part of the legislation of all nations in Nowadays, which is considered as an anthropocentric doctrine, I tell you because it has this type of conceptual base that is because of the way of organizing a belief system centered on the principle, that the needs of human sensitivity and intelligence can be satisfied without having to accept the existence of God and the preaching of religions, when one goes researching, the utmost importance of this philosophical current fills you with intrigue, since they serve to define a society how to treat the difference of creed and way of thinking . Having all these tools that defines this current allows us to affirm that humanists considered the search for knowledge and mastery of various disciplines as a necessary condition for the proper use of these faculties.

We are capable of creating our own seeing and the rational with our conscience, in addition to that humanism tries to expose and disseminate cultural heritage with greater clarity, it is also mentioned that it remains free and fully responsible for its actions in the belief of its choice. We are illustrious forgers of thinking, even if it is an individual of little faith, but a new idea is always born every day, that is why it is mentioned that the best weapon of the human being is his thought, because knowledge was the one that gave power to people, giving them happiness and freedom, which links them at the same time, with their freedom of decision-making power.

In the end, everything remains free will of the way of thinking and of things, but we cannot forget who we are, thanks to them the responsibility is born within us, since it now falls on the man who, from his Existence must be responsible for its decisions, dismissing personalistic thoughts, also its humanistic initiatives were quite interested in looking back to study the past, the men of this current give value to being, our past is the documentary basis that allow us to open new horizons in the evolution of thought. Thanks to this current, many disciplines were strengthened, in the case of science, the secularization of scientific knowledge was achieved and important discoveries occurred in various branches of knowledge, such as Physics, Mathematics, Engineering or Medicine, the rest it remains for us to analyze and see things from our point of view.


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Greetings, very singular companion, your content and point of view as is the philosophical current of humanism and I also liked the part that this reformist current shares with us, I help science and other disciplines in this area. Thank you for your content.

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Hello @omegarojo827.

Humanism as a philosophical current keeps us united and in full communion with our interior. Greetings and thanks for sharing.

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