He mystery of the jewel the beetle of the Nile // Part II End of the history


After that the young archaeologist saw with his own eyes of seeing to die, from strange form to some of his accompanists, it was not sufficient to stop continuing escavando, it had to known that more it waits for this mystery of this grave, after a pair of days I manage to hire more persons apara that it will help in his excavation, but they found a small box with the symbol of a beetle, but it had a writing that it was not possible to decipher very well for his bad state, since it could I look for a few hardware, managing to open the mysterious device, inside this one one was finding a gem, as the species of a ruby of very showy green color, quite what they accompanied it and managed to see it they were scared, went out of place without any explanation.

Manuel was satisfied for his first find, to find a treasure that the same one was saying that it was from the Nile, the box that was containing it gave her to keep some of his assistant of confidence to take them to the museum closer to Egypt, the good of this passage is that this young archaeologist was documenting everything and was taking a newspaper of every step that was giving in the excavation, after the following day comes the mystery and the death they took possession of the day, to entrusted the one who entrusted to him to take care of the treasure, it dawned died seemed that a dry mummy, without heart it had an orifico as if they had extracted him of his outsiders, but the chest was intact and with the ruby inside this one, after to see the sad death of this man, it goes towards the excavation and one finds that inside this one there is nothing it was plundered, full of pure dust and sand of the desert.

Manuel gives the order to gather everything and to come the most rapid thing to the museum of antiquities, where they were going to wait for it, but that did not prevent the archaeologist from stopping writing everything events, every day that it was spending they were less the men that he was accompanying him this way this one was offering a fortune, finally our young archaeologist comes to the museum of archaeology of Egypt, which so much it was pregnant, to the moment to come they prepare a room for him, sample from his hand the treasure that it discovered and for tomorrow it was giving a press conference of his find, he asks a specialist who will decipher, which was saying the box that contains the mysterious ruby, that the archaeologist sends in a role with the symbols.

To The following day the director of the museum rings at the doorbell, where the archaeologist Manuel was lodged, this one does not answer that immediately he asks for the keys to open the room, after a few minutes, they manage to open the room surprise for all who entered, they found the archaeologist in the bed dead person also was looking like a mummy quite dry and with orifice that had extracted the heart, but suddenly of this orifice of the heart, it is seen that there goes out a species of very radiant beetle of green color as the ruby, then that went out of the body this returned to the box and transform the mysterious ruby. This incident never announced, only that the young Archaeologist died of a cardiac illness, the mysteries ruby it is shut up in a dome of crystal and of steel so that this one does not go out of this place, in the cellar of the museum, they gave the honor of finding a treasure to the archaeologist, but it was never showed, he was asking himself that he was saying the symbol of the box mysteries that were in charge to decipher: " Here it contains to the devouring beetle of soul, which cleans the hearts of earthly towards kingdom of the dead persons ”.

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