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Every day I am more surprised by technology, as it shows us more knowledge, where things come as an application in our daily lives, but glass has its importance in our lives since its creation, has an infinite number of uses and applications, is obtained at about 1400 ° C to 1500 ° C from silica sand (SiO2), sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and limestone (CaCO3), as well as obsidian is a natural glass, thanks to it there is a large industry that manufactures: lenses, windows, bottles, glass, smart glass, cell phone screens, TV, laptops.

Over time has developed smart glass for windows, LED technology, this intelligent glass a glass has the property which can modulate sunlight and infrared in response to a given voltage, stimulates electrical current, activate its modulation, for obtaining this type of glass is achieved through a Privacy Film or Smart Film, manufactured by the technology PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Glass), this type of glass has become big business, for construction, window for aircraft, LED screens or as well as liquid crystal (LCD).

In my case I did not know this technology applied to glass, not only its classic manufacture but, the application it has in many things we use in our daily lives, with the new era of smart glass, we work to improve their technology in what they refer, which do not allow control of solar radiation and temperature or heat selectively, but also is capable of blocking infrared radiation.

Some nanotechnology is also applied, in the following way to apply a small voltage on these materials, in a range of 2 to 2.5 volts, the nanocrystals are activated transforming from transparent to opaque that you think, I only know that reversing the polarity of the voltage to make the material transparent again, there is also another aspect that was evident in the laboratory is that it is the structural reorganization suffered by the matrix and the nanocrystals as a result of their chemical bonding, stimulated by the electric current.



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