The Steemit Crypto Academy Week 5: All About Blockchain Security. For @gbenga @omar2021


Make a Post about a Security problem with Cryptocurrency and Share a personal experience if possible.

In short, today the word cryptocurrency is everywhere globally, it is very popular, many people do not want to know about it because they do not know about it, but many others when they hear that they are electronic currencies and that their price is through the roof. They want to immerse themselves and invest directly in the crypto world, personally whenever I talk to different people about the subject and that person is interested, I talk to her and explain that in addition to the benefits that this type of investment brings, there is also the possibility that you lose everything in different ways, either by exchanging for other currencies and being very volatile and you do not know about the subject, it may be bad for you, on the other hand if you do not maintain the necessary security measures either to protect your money within the wallet or at the time of transfer so as not to make mistakes, or be careful with your personal information when saving personal documents on your storage device or a data bank, since there are many ways to obtain this type of information, hackers take advantage of each of the weaknesses that your computer has to enter it and rob you.


I will name some errors that may occur so that you are cautious.

Phishing fraud

We will talk about malwares or keylogers that are associated a lot with this issue, since you install a file that you do not know its origin and is infected with a virus, the virus saves all your information on your computer and sends it to the hacker who has access, and so on you are scammed.

Error placing the sending address of a token in your wallet

Pay attention whenever you send money to a sender since after doing so there is no cancellation or calling customer service to return the money, be very careful in the shipping address.

Lost password or wallet seed phrase

Save your passwords in seconds and third places that you have easy access to it, be it a notebook or an external hd, because if you have them in one place you have the danger of losing access to your wallet.

Personal experience

I have no experience in this type of scams but most investors should pay close attention and especially if you do not know about it, take good advice before making a mistake. You always have to see everything through the eyes of a hacker so as not to be scammed, before the initial investment in any cryptocurrency, do your research first.


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Saving keys offline is adviced for the safety of the keys. When they are stored online, they can be accessed when hacked.


16.03.2021 20:20