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Steemit Crypto Academy | Course 7 By @stream4u | Money Management & Portfolio Management. for @omar2021


Discussed Money Management.

We are used to easy work, the one that does not require much effort to make good profits, and when collection day arrives it is to pay debts or simply waste money on things that are not worth it, most people think of that Since they do not have that economist learning, nobody teaches them how to manage their finances and therefore they end up making bad decisions in the economic future. My recommendation is to try to see what is happening in society and take it in our favor, in order to change the world with our ideals.

Future plan on your Money Management.

Each of us must have a future plan of what to do to increase our money, each person thinks and has different goals and that is very good, you just have to plan well each step to follow and see what objectives you need to achieve your goal, As soon as you have them, the constancy is everything, in my case I plan to invest part of my money in various cryptocurrencies and the other part I will invest in basic jobs, every day I learn more about the technical and logistical study of cryptocurrencies and I have improved a lot , I know that will help me when choosing the cryptocurrency to invest, although I already have some in mind.

Discussed Portfolio Management, if you have an investment and if it is okay with you then show portfolio and explore it briefly.

Right now I have nothing invested in the cryptocurrency market, I have plans to do it, in the meantime I learned how to create my personal portfolio, here I will explain how I did it.


Future plan on your Portfolio Management.

For a long time I have saved little by little myself and my wife to invest at the right time and achieve the future we have longed for, to achieve this it is necessary to plan everything we will do and take the first step, in my case I and my wife, we are saving for 1 year, by mid-2021, investing in small-scale and medium-scale cryptocurrencies, in our opinion and according to our studies, they are the ones that tend to generate the most profit in the long term.

When was the last investment failed and Why? (those who have experienced this can provide views.)

We have not gone through any experience in the world of cryptocurrencies, because we have not invested in them, but in the future I know that we will have many experiences and for everything to go well, we are thoroughly studying everything related to the cryptographic issue, so that nothing surprises us later.


My great advice is that everything is possible in this life, you just have to propose something and see what you need to achieve it, make your list of achievements, and start it, on the road to success there are many times strong falls, but when you learn to get up you will be a great investor

Thanks for reading my homework.


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