Is it 2020 over there yet?


Its New year eve here, and already 2020 in New Zealand. Some people already started living in the future while some live in the past, it happens just once a year on days like this except if you are a time traveller.

2019 came and its already gone, a lot of lessons to behold right on the Steem chain and off the chain. One of the most important ones is that nothing good last forever, and Steem is a perfect example of that statement if you must agree, even though a lot of tokens shared same lessons. One of the greatest lessons of my life was learnt during this year and the last one which to me is my longest and first bear run. As we roll into 2020, I take my loses and learnt my lessons, will improve on these things to be able to manage wealth.

Wishing you all a happy 2020, both in advance and those already living it. We'll live to see 2021 and beyond. Hopefully the Bullrun comes back in the new year and we all recover our losses, Amen.

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It's 2020 here already in New Zealand

31.12.2019 16:40

Oh cool, happy New year brov

31.12.2019 17:16