Freaks in Nature- Froglicking or Cannibalism?


What exactly comes to your mind seeing this image? I have a wild thought too but I don't want to believe things has gone bizarre in the wild too, especially in the Amphibious world, if its in the Human world, then I could let it go and erase the image in my head.

The picture depict two opposite things and trust me, I have thrown into group chats to see other people's perspective. To some, its two Toads/Frogs frolicking and to others its a live one eating the dead one up. Either ways, the two scenarios ain't right with Nature, just like Cannibalism isn't a sane thing with humans because anyone, any individual caught doing it is either insane and will be institutionalise or killed as it has been done in different part of the world.

Toads, Frogs are Amphibians, close cousins to Reptiles and its common for some bigger spices of Frogs and Toads to eat/swallow another(smaller ones), just like snakes swallow snakes. That was my scientific explanations of the image above, on the contrary, Amphibians do not have direct contact reproduction i.e the females lays the eggs and the males spray sperm on it for fertilization, meaning their is no foreplay like humans.

So either the bigger Frog/Toad is dead and the smaller is having a meal or the smaller one is giving "a head" which would be one of the most freakiest thing that could happen in nature. Maybe Global warming and all that's happening in the world is changing the way Nature has programmed different species of animals, or maybe the picture was doctored!

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