The Detrimental Effect of Procrastination and Multitasking.

Good morning lovely friends, I hope you are doing great and healthy this morning? Sincerely, I don’t think this waking up at 05:00am is a possible habit for everyone, I have tried so many options that could make me wake up by that time but it does not just work for me, even when I try to wake up at that time I am usually inactive so I just go back to sleep which is definitely giving me reasons to get concerned seriously, I am a young lady who will have kids one day and I wonder how I am going to wake up early to prepare my kids for school.(should I be bothered?)


The decisions we make at the present has a very long effect on what our future is going to look like, the same way the decisions we made in the past is currently reflecting on our lives at the moment. Life is a complete pattern of reflection and the deeds and actions done today will be a strong determinant of what the future will be, a more important reason why we need to be extremely careful of our actions is the thought of this, once we have this in mind then we will become extremely careful and watchful about what the future looks like for us.


Procrastination is a destroyer of dreams, I have a practical example to give as an illustration to this, I handle the accounting section of my business for now because I cannot afford to employ an accountant, I have procrastinated on some calculations for a very long time and when I opened up the book last week it was a lot of work already I had no other option than to face the work and accomplish the task leaving every other important task behind, if I had completed those accounting tasks when they were in smaller quantities it would have saved me the stress and time that I went through last week.

I have learnt that time is a very important aspect of life that once regained cannot be recovered so asides from the time when I am resting, I try to make sure that everything I do rolls around growth and profit, every second counts and once we let it go to an unproductive activity it can never be regained any longer.


I have discovered that multitasking does not make things get done easily, several times that I have tried to multitask ended up as a waste of time for me so I have learnt to face one task at a time and once I am sure that it has been properly done, I move unto the next task.

Have a beautiful and blessed week friend, remember to stay loved and beautiful.

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Procrastinating on the things we should do will make us lose out on a lot of things, procrastination actually destroys and ruins opportunities.

08.03.2021 11:57

Yes it does when we continue to procrastinate we lose out on good deals.

10.03.2021 15:57