In 2020,Study hard and go for seminars and programs. In 2020,Make it a task to add value to your life. In times of finance, business,marriage seminars and in all areas. Depending on the field you desire the most.

Get books to read. Daniel said I understand by books. Stars are readers.Those who take charge are readers and committed people. Success is when preparation meets opportunity. Prepare yourself enough because I see greater opportunities opening for everyone of us in 2020.

Instead of complaining and gossiping Get books and study the word of God the more. Preparation is key to a glorious destiny.I see opportunities opening for all of us.

And I decree in the name above all names

Great doors will be opened for you and your family members in the name of Jesus.

5 PRAYER :-In 2020,you must pray No body grows above his prayer life. There is a rushing mighty wind. I see that is coming. If there's anything you must do more,you must pray away your life.

What you permit,you permanent. Therefore, don't permit anything. Send it away through payers and commitment to the kingdom of God.

Prayer gives edge. A giant is a rugged man and women in prayer.

6 Be committed to kingdom advancement:-In 2020 Be committed to kingdom advancement. In your timing, giving and in all areas. The Bible says that seek me first and every other things shall be added.

Everything in this world is an addition to genuine believersA man that is committed to the things of God will commit God to his life. Don't seek God's commitment if you are not committed to his advancement and his love.

This is a mystery that every high flyers run with any where you find yourself.Get committed there, If it's in your local church
Get committed. Give in your best like never before.

7 In 2020, Live. Holy life and be a student of the word*. Holiness is the pathway to accessing the heart of God.

Above it all, Strive to be different in all. Ask God for Grace to overcome the walks of the flesh. Run from anyone pushing you to commit sin.

This year is the year of the spirit, Only the pure in heart and all can access greater heights. Be a student of The word.Give your all to the word of God.

If you can't encounter the word,you can't encounter the God of the word. There are too many deceivers out there. It's true, But you are deceived too because you don't know his word.

Seek for knowledge in 2020, Because whatever you don't know is above you

In conclusion,Love God more with your life. There is what the love of God does.

It instill hunger inside a man

It instill passion and greater love for God

You don't have passion because your love for God is not intense. There is what hunger does for a man.

Hunger breeds virtue

Hunger makes a man touch a portal

There is nothing you can amount to if there is no hunger. When you are covered with the love of father,things begin to fall in places for you*.

Above it all,let your motive and hunger be right. When the motive of a man is wrong, everything else is wrong. Your motive for serving God is key. Search your heart
Love him for who he is, Not for what he can do alone.

Don't do anything in pretence. Let your heart and all be tune to Jesus. Let sincerity, truthfulness,honesty be your watchword.

A sincere person is better than a man that can pray for hours but is funny. Truthfulness+sincerity+honesty will open doors for you than someone who can pray for hours but lies and is not genuine with God.

When we run with this,2020 will come with speed

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