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Obedience is total submission. Obedience is total......according to God definition 99% obedience is disobedience in the sight of God. Let look at the story of prophet Samuel and King Saul in 1Sam 15:1-22.

In this chapter Saul killed as instructed but he didn't adhere to full instructions.... His obedience became filthy and polluted. Lord help us.

1 Samuel 15:22 And Samuel said, Hath the LORD have great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.

When God said obedience is better than sacrifice..... He meant that obedience is best sacrifice you can ever offer to him.

√ Obedience Is true proof of love

√ Obedience Is total in sincerity

When obedience is mentioned the heart is what God searches. Father give me an heart of obedience. God is our sheperd....shepherd train sheep🐐 and sheeps obey foolishly without questioning.

Obedience is a daily process...the more you sit sincerely with the holy ghost the more obedient you become. It is a consistent result of intimacy with the holy helps you to access more of God.

Obedience also let God access more of correct you,chastise you,encourage you,teach you and more. An obedient man is a submissive man and a submissive man is one who has little or no self will.......the father is still seeking for such.

An obedient man lives aligned. Disobedience is equal to sharing God glory.....disobedience is saying I cannot submit to God authority....maybe on a particular aspect.... Disobedience Is letting self will reign.

Disobedience is the seed of is an evil fruit that has yielded so many has deviated many from the kingdom. Christ obeyed the father fully....he came to redeem us from sin of adam(disobedience) that begat all other sins.

Obedience is the hardest sacrifice to pay....because it costs you something very expensive...... Self will Luke 9:23. The real Price of christainity is self denial.....which I call sincere obedience without looking back.

Obedience is the substance that helps you cling to the cross. It renews and transform your soul to bear the fruits of the Spirit.....and takes you through the journey of meekness.

Before God uses a man he deals with his flesh,self will,insincerity and God brings dealings processes to make him obedient and ever yielding to his will. Lord help me to go through your dealings with me.

That's why Apostle Paul says nothing can separate him from the love of the kingdom..........sincere obedience to the father's will.

A little NO has taken so many believers to hell and many have deviated. Sincere obedience helps you walks towards a blameless life.

Obedience.... Obedience is a journey till enternity. Lord take me through the journey of obedience. An obedient son lives ready for his father will.....even when it doesn't suit him.....even through perils....pains......hurts

Obedience help you to daily strive to live a more Christ like life here on earth. Let's just take this prayer....lord give me a heart of obedience.


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