Steemit Philippines Open Mic Update/ Spud4steem Invitation and Club5050 Support!

Men Oppose and here is my rendition KASALANAN BA? for #steemitphilippines community. Kasalanan ba na mahalin natin ang #steemit?

Lyrics and karaoke version;

Ang gamda ng kantang ito handog sa taong minamahal natin na hindi nila alam. Secret lang. Pero sa ibang bahagi, magtatanong ako sa inyo kung kasalanan ba na mahalin natin ang steem/steemit. Ang sagot ko, dapat mahalin natin ang steemit dahil dito tayo nagsimula. Sa katayuan ko, wala ako dito if wala steemit. Steemit ang gumising sa aking pag bulag bulagan.

If you love steemit, what should we do?

Kung mahal natin ang steemit ay mag power up tayo. Don't forget to power up this coming first day of November #spud4steeem. I am inviting you to post today or this week about the initiative of @kiwiscanfly every first day of the month. And invite your friends to join. Once you do your power up, you are also supporting the #club5050 and get used the tag to our post. Let us do it without hesitation. This is not only for the community but for ourselves. We can help some people around us secretly.

For the #steemitphilippines member let us support the #spud4steem and the #club5050. Helping each other will get high rewards and keep our community to be happy all the time. It will help build a stronger relation between you and me and us.

About my contest the Steemit Open Mic Contest, I am asking you to support this and we have still until tonight for the entry. Mamayang alas 12 ng hating gabi sa Pilipinas time ang cut off sa kantahan. Hindi lang ito OPM kundi kahit anong aawitin na gugustuhin ninyo. Dahil na upvote ito ng #steemcurator01, ang mapanalunan ay dagdagan ko.

First prize: 8 steem
Second prize: 5 steem
Third prize : 3 steem

Consolation will be 0.500 steem!

I am calling @fycee, @jb123, @jenny018, @christianyocte @leebaong @julietpunay17 @sabhy09 to join here again.

Calling @leebaong and @jb123 to submit their song and I will give you prizes too. The best one of you will get 2 steem.

I am doing during this because #steemcurator01 is upvoting my contest post so I will share the earnings.

I am so sorry that this post have many topics because I am just too busy. It's all in one.

steemitphilippines Open Mic

club5050 support

spud4steem for November 01, 2021 invitation

Thank you and enjoy my rendition. Thank you @kiwiscanfly for your coming #spud initiative.

My latest power up

This is my power up three days ago to support #club5050.

Mabuhay. Steemitphilippines!

Gif credit to @baa.steemit

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Thank you for being kindness and generosity nay. 😊

24.10.2021 09:09

Welcome, sana may kanta ka today.

24.10.2021 12:03

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24.10.2021 13:24

Thank you so much for the invitation.I will check it out.

24.10.2021 14:14

thank you nay for inviting me again to your contest! Yes power up lang gyud ta pirme!

24.10.2021 16:16

Thank you tagging me nay @olivia08. When ang deadline sakong song? 😁 I have songs naman sa starmaker but dili gud pang steemit opm nay hahahaha

24.10.2021 23:23

Waiting konsa imo kanta pwd dili opm

25.10.2021 11:47

Salamat sa mga info Ug sa pagharana ate Oli,
Sali ako sa sunod, mupalit ko headset sa para aning open mic. ☺️👌

25.10.2021 04:45

Hintayin ko yan entry mo.

25.10.2021 11:50