Good morning Steemians!

I would like to invite my friends to join this easiest contest initiated by @tggr @motherlylove. This is an easy game we have to do weekly.

I wanted to cook food but ingredients were not complete so I ask my employer's daughter to drive for me to the nearest store. Women here are already allowed to drive just this recent year 2019 or late 2018. This new law is a big win from the right of women here in conservative country.
She is a new driver for us, a brave teenager. We were so happy as I was making a video.
It was afternoon but when we came back, sandstorm attacked our place.It suddenly happened. IMG_20190806_212218.jpg
4:30 p.m became like 8 pm
Street light was opened and heavy rain pours. It took until night, the rain never stopped.

Rain come here only few time in a year. So there is a rain, we enjoy playing while taking a bath on the rain.

This is my entry for today and more next time.

My first post using @steampeak

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