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Steemit made a very big impact to my life. And one of the big moment when I knew @mermaidvampire and many others.
**credit to the owner @jacuzzi and @mermaidvampire delegated me so I stopped leasing. Time he must removed the delegation, I felt so sad looking my Steem power became so low and my curation has less value. 'had no steem for I invested it in plankton and the rest was already in power up. So, I need to rent again. I felt weekly basis passed so quickly. I did realize to make a move. I had just 16 steem as earning for one week. I need to lease a higher SP which is good for one month.

I remember the announcement of @mermaidvampire and @mermaidvampire

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you did well nay, it's not that risky because mv is a nice person. If you really want to grow in steem you'll make a risky action or gamble. But it's successful I think, so it's fine I think.

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10.08.2019 04:22

Yes, don't panic the value is so low,, keep steeming on.. I want all of us will taste the fruit of our sacrifices here.. I told @kendra19 when she was new before..and to you,, you are like my children in steemit,,

10.08.2019 04:32

I'm into drawing strategies lol how to be you po?

10.08.2019 05:47

Wahahaha, keep posting,, contest is the key.. consistency,, interact with people

10.08.2019 06:59

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13.08.2019 01:37

Thank you @bdvoter most especially to @mermaidvampire

13.08.2019 16:05

I salute to your fast moves @olivia08 hmm...following your trail, thanks for showing us how...

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13.08.2019 16:06

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