My Day Yesterday

Good morning world photography in steemit! I hope everything is gonna fine.

Yesterday, I went to the bank for my remittance and I passed by the road with the maintenance team digging on the main road. It was a very hot day at 2:30pm.

This is the road I walked for 30 minutes from my employer's home to the bank .


While walking on the street, I saw the lone wild attractive flower in the street side. I wonder how it blooms under the heat of the sun in the desert.


I passed by a wedding hall and saw this Santan flowers. It has a perfect looks with the decorative of the wall.


When I got home, I saw this flower in my garden. I want to check what is the name of this flower. It looks so beautiful.


My colorful periwinkles, it blooms with hundred of flowers. I planted and replanted these again and again for 14 years.

These were the beauty of my surroundings yesterday and I am so happy to share it with you.

Well, I am working in Saudi Arabia and I took these picture using my Android mobile Huawei Y9 phone.

Thank you and more photos next time.

Steem on!

It's me,

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