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Hello, my fellow steemians! Have a fruitful day everyone most especially to all #steemWomenClub members!

Once again, here I am to share some thought about the *Chain of Goodness Events". This is a very interesting topic that we could able to show how we walk through our life with people around us.

If we have enough both material and spiritual aspects, we could extend it to those who need it much. But sad to say, everything has a limit. My story today is all about my childhood neighbor.


We botb belong to a poor but happy family. I am older than her for 5 years. I got married far away from my hometown and often visited my parent. So I didn't had story about her for 3 decades.

Her name is Merry, a 45 years old mother of two but not a wife. They were just living together without marriage. They have two children, a boy and a girl. They were a picture of a happy family.

Last 2014, I spent my vacation to my hometown. We met again after three decade . Merry visited me at my parent's house. She asked me to find an employer here in Saudi Arabia, my workplace. She said , she want to work for her children education. I heard that her husband didn't give approval about her planned but Merry needs my help. I told them.that I could not promise to find employment unless, they agreed each other.

Luckily, the mother of my lady employer needed a new caregiver since my friend, Kenyan women decided to leave for good. Merry wrote a message asking again and I told her about the job waiting for her. She was too happy and I talked her husbamd if he could give permission to his wife. Then he agree.

Three months of providing all the papers needed for her a working permit visa, approved and she was already here. The couple were both grateful for helping her found the job. They were so happy. They bought a motorcycle, a service for their children going to school. Merry sent all her salary because she loves them. They built their own home.

How the nightmare begun?

Merry is a good mother and wife but jealousy arises when his husband found out that the cleaner of the house chatted his wife. They had no relationship but they chatted each other because of her employers command. When they needed some stuff outside, my friend wrote it in messenger. The husband of my friend knew the password of my friend and that was the beginning of misunderstanding.

Unacceptable worst situation

I was so sad when their misunderstanding spread out of the limit. I felt the regret why I helped her come here. The children are the most affected by the situation. I didn't like it but I had nothing to do.

Last December, my friend heard the bad news about her husband being with another woman. They leave their own house and stayed in the house of the other woman with their children. My friend cried in my shoulder.

Fast forward, Merry file a vacation leave and they granted it. The pandemic made her way uneasy. Her flight last January 4, 2021 via Dubai reached Cebu Mactan International Airport safely, but one of the passengers had a positive result with the new strain of corona. So, all of them were under the quarantine procedure for 14 days in Cebu, 14 days in Zamboanga where her children's stayed.

She drained the money she had. She called me asking for help. What I did? I talked all our employer's family member and collected 150 USD and sent to Merry. She was too happy .

This is the proof of my collected funds to help her went to our hometown from the place of her ex-husband.

Yesterday, I saw the happiness on their face leaving her husband and won the heart of her children. They sent me a picture on their voyage from Zamboanga to Cebu and Cebu to Bohol.

The picture is highly credited to my friend, she knew rhat I share her story her in #steemWomenClub

The children were so happy that their mother came hime to fight her right.

When they received the money I sent, they ate in the restaurant happily.

She told me that during her last year vacation, they were happily eating together with her husband and children and now, her husband is with another woman.

She wrote a message in messenger expressing her gratitude to me for helping her since the beginning of her work in the foreign land.

Her message touched me and brought me to tears.

I didn't know if I didn't help her work in Saudi Arabia. Maybe their relationship is still intact. That is why I felt a little regrets on what happened to their life lately.

I have a song for my friend Merry that I sung in #starmaker.

I dedicated this song to her That's What Friends Are For

Merry was the one who invited to sing in #starmaker. I believed that music could help us to fight stress, anxiety and homesickness. When I sung a song, I felt I expressed the feeling I kept deep inside of me.

I been a good friends to all
Overseas Filipino Workers here in my workplace.

I am a Libran girl like Merry. Her birthday fall in October 5 and October 9 is for me. This picture was taken maybe last year 2018 or 2019.

Giving party with my friensdhips here is one of the most unforgettable celebration with my fellow Overseas Fililipino workers and one of them is Merry. I did it so we could enjoy our life away from. We could not easily get out. The rules and laws here are not the same with another countries.

Remember the day when we visited Merry in the house of her employer which is the mother of my lady boss.

Anyway, my helped to her maybe became a nightmare of my heart. I am one to be blame but God knows how I want to help other. I brought her here because I knew, my employer here is a good samaritans. We heard many abusive employer but the family we are working are different. They are all God fearing people. Maybe, God has a better plan to their life better with that ex-husband.

That's it.

This is my contribution for the community initiative on how to share our Chain of Goodness Events. I am so happy to be a part of this community.

I would like to express my gratitude to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @booming and all @steemcurator for making steemit blockchain alive.

Steem to the Moon!

It's me,

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hello beautiful heart woman. I am happy you attended the favor chain event. I am glad you helped your friend. I hope your friend will be successful at steemit. Goodness will always win in this world. For this reason, I choose this post for quality post. I hope you get high ratings.

02.03.2021 08:43

Wow, thank younso much for this. This is a great community and thank you steemit.

02.03.2021 23:53