Origins of Life, Origins of Hatred


Another thing I've always been good at is society/cultural ideas (I actually took some courses in Cultural Anthropology and got an A in that also).
Life seems to have started in some place like Africa (just makes sense, warm climate and all), with two humans who evolved the ability to think. ALL humans are basically clones of these 2, with our own individual characteristics (which is 5% or something, because biologically all humans are 95% compatible).
But say that somewhere, and white people go ape-shit! Is it really that hard to believe?
I guess it's because people are basically so brainwashed by their culture, they can't even consider the truth.
But the truth is the truth, no matter. People can go crazy all they want, but doesn't change that :-)
So to hate someone for the color of their skin is to basically hate yourself, in a sense.

The Dalai Lama gives a good talk on this in his book 'The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World'.

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