My new ceramic work "The Starry Night" dedicated to my favourite artist- Vincent van Gogh 😍πŸ₯°. Step by step photos πŸ˜‰


Hi Steemians!

After my trip to the Netherlands, where world-renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh was born, I received a huge wave of inspiration.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to visit the Van Gogh Museum and I was very upset. As it turned out, all tickets were sold out a week before our arrival. I almost burst into tears but my husband promised me we would come here again at the best opportunity.


When I returned home, I was very upset, because this museum did not give me rest. It was one of my dreams to see the famous "Starry night" picture. But... After watching a few movies about Van Gogh, I found out that this picture is in New York, not Amsterdam...

Double crash..

And then the idea came to me to create my own picture based on this masterpiece.


As usual, I poured the liquid clay into a plaster mold and waited for it to dry. Then I covered the plate with a black angob and started scratching the pattern.


I was completely covered by the wave of inspiration because I made the plate in almost one breath.


It seemed so easy as if I had done it before. It's an unmatched feeling that you can do everything in the world...

What a pity that this is not often...

After baking in the oven, I covered the plate with a thin layer of clear glaze and baked it again.

This is the result 😍😍😍


While making this product, I used the technique I told you about in the past post - "Sgraffito".


Now I can't stop making new products because this technique has fallen into my heart.


I hope you liked my post and new work, dedicated to the famous artist - Vincent van Gogh 😍. I will try to show you more often my art 😁😁😁.

See you soon!

Best wishes,




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01.10.2019 21:53

Gosh, this is VERY pretty, @olgy-art :D I love how you captured the feel from Van Gogh's "Starry Night" on this plate, even though you kept it in monochrome, you really nailed the vibes so well <3 I love it!!!

01.10.2019 22:42

Many thanks! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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02.10.2019 18:09

very beautiful ! i love ceramic works :D <3

02.10.2019 18:21

Thanks ☺️

03.10.2019 07:56

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02.10.2019 20:35

Beautiful work, @olgy-art!

03.10.2019 09:09

Thanks a lot! ☺️☺️☺️

03.10.2019 10:17

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